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Scissor Mouth

Feature | Horror

Status: Development

Years of torture and abuse compel a teenage girl to rebel against her beauty-obsessed mother, propelling a bloody rampage that threatens the lives of all those unlucky enough to cross her path.

Scissor Mouth - key art.png

Shaken & Stirred

Feature | Documentary

Status: Post Production

Shaken & Stirred is the first ever feature length documentary film about the underground world of competitive Flair Bartending.


Move Me No Mountain

Feature | Drama

Status: Now Streaming

Grieving the death of her daughter, a successful Las Vegas real estate agent risks her life on the streets for the sins of her past.


Dark Lights

Short | Horror

Status: Now Streaming

A haunted, sexy Las Vegas penthouse dweller explores the darker side of the city and its many addictions.

Dark Lights - Portrait.jpg
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